Common Staffing Questions

In-house or Outsource?: Common Staffing Questions


Association meetings talk about it, hospital executives deliberate over it. What is the best solution: in-house hospital-employed staffing or an in-house outsourced staffing solution? There is no one size fits all. In most cases, there is a blend of both.  For larger hospitals and healthcare systems, an in-house, hospital employee-based solution can prove to be the most effective:


  • Patient Care: By enabling clinical staff focus on patient care
  • Economic: By leveraging your in-house staff, you are not spending the time bidding this department out every few years. Your hospital or healthcare system is creating a long-term sustainable program based on performance data and published metrics. An in-house program can be a profit center.

Objective of CE/Healthcare

Technology Management:


The overall objective is to relieve pressure from clinical staff from having to participate in the coordination of medical equipment management and increase the value of care. The goals we hear hospitals looking to achieve:


  • Attracting high quality specialists
  • Increased satisfaction from clinical staff
  • Satisfaction from patients


Creating operational and financial efficacy within your Clinical Engineering/Healthcare Technology Department will allow your administration and staff to focus on patient care and quality outcomes.

Having the right talent with the right skill set in-house will allow this to happen. For example, frequent communication infrastructure where preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance-in-progress, pending service calls and pending issues are communicated allows your department know that this is being taken care of proactively so it is one less thing for each department manager to worry about.  You don’t need an outsourced solution to achieve this.

The questions we hear:


  • What is the right balance of in-house vs. outsource?
  • What is the best way to focus technical training within our CE Dept?
  • Am I getting the best ROI from my CE Dept?


Each client we work with has different needs. In order to best respond to yours, DESCO has partnered with one of the largest health care systems in the northeast.  With our shared data and resources, we are able to create a long lasting in-house program that can be replicated.


We can show you how to best leverage the core competencies of your in-house medical equipment service staff for a long-term sustainable program.




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