Clinical Engineering / Healthcare Technology Management
Flexible part or full-time outsourced solutions

In-Source vs. Outsource


Staffing costs are expensive. The ideal model is having a service provider who has experience in multiple modalities across multiple divisions.


Do you have a high enough volume of medical equipment to justify the staffing you have?


Would it make sense to have an outsourced service provider who oversees & manages the service for the entirety of all medical equipment & radiology assets at your facility?


It may, especially if that provider utilizes specialists & generalists already on staff to supplement the service.


Maybe not. But maybe. It costs nothing to have the conversation.

Outsourced Model: Clinical Engineering / Healthcare Technology Management


DESCO offers a flexible part or full-time outsourced solution.


Customers who partner with DESCO are looking to consolidate all modalities into a streamlined model. This service is for hospitals, surgery centers and radiology centers who prefer to outsource equipment service-related management and services entirely.


DESCO provides the services to manage and administer your in-house & outsourced medical equipment contracts.


DESCO customers reduce their administrative billing & coordination time; increase up-time; improve revenue generation and decrease out-of-pocket expenses.

Sustainable In-House Model:




DESCO has teamed up with one of the largest healthcare systems in the northeast to replicate a sustainable long-term in-house model.


Our offer is to assess the financial and operational efficacy of your current program. We would take a look at the patient-related inventory at your facility, your staffing and recommend how to best leverage staffing to reduce costs and increase value.


We have successfully consolidated hundreds of contracts and have produced millions of dollars in cost savings.





“The best part of your service are your on-site technicians.  Their customer service skills are as exceptional as their technical skills.”

 – R.N., Poughkeepsie, NY



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