Imaging and Radiology

DESCO has expanded our Northeast Imaging & Radiology capabilities.

Our imaging Field Force in the New England & New York regions has grown.


We are now able to service your Hologic & Konica units.


Specific Models:


Hologic Lorad/Hologic M4

Hologic Selenia Digital

Hologic Dimensions Tomography & work station

Hologic Dexa Bone Density

Hologic R2 CAD Units

Hologic R2 Digitizers

Hologic SecureView work stations

Hologic Mini c-arm

Hologic MultiCare Platinum Stereotactic Biopsy Table


Konica Reguis Models

Konica 170 Series

Konica 190 Series

Konica 210 Series

Konica Aero DR

We can now Service the entire line of:


-Konica CR readers and DR plate and x-ray rooms -Hologic/Lorad equipment, including all Digital Mammography, Analog Mammography, and Bone Density, Mini Cams, General X-Ray DR units and Hologic digital reading stations.

DESCO has also additional field force to support:


Quantum, GE, OEC, Ziehm, Lorad. Agfa CR and processing equipment

Imaging & Radiology


DESCO Medical is a full service organization specializing in medical equipment sales and service. Our fully certified and trained engineers can service Digital X-Ray, CR systems, ultrasound, contrast injectors and OR-Mobile Image Intensifier (C-Arm) systems and portable X-ray systems. We can repair and service, install and calibrate CT scanners. We offer multi-modality service and repair agreements tailored to your specific needs. Our experience and knowledge has been acquired by devoting time in troubleshooting, diagnosing and repairing.


•  C-Arms

•  CR—Fuji, Kodak

•  MedRad Injectors

•  GE—Mammography

•  OR—Tables

•  GE- CT

•  Laser —Fuji, Kodak

•  Healthcare IT / PACS


DESCO customers have reduced administrative billing & coordination time; have increased up-time; have improved revenue generation and have decreased out-of-pocket expenses.

Ultrasound Division


DESCO offers reliable repair and maintenance service for ultrasound equipment made by a variety of manufacturers.  With DESCO as your ultrasound service provider, you can depend on the thorough Preventive Maintenance inspections that lead to increased up-time.  Your resolution and grey scale will be to spec, your calipers will be adjusted properly and your filters and air pathways will be clean.


DESCO’s job is to make your life easier and your repairs cost effective.  When ultrasound and probe repair is required, you can be confident your equipment will be up and running soon after it breaks down.  DESCO has the experience you need.


We can arrange coverage to accommodate your ultrasound equipment and probe maintenance needs.  It may make sense for your facility to have an all-inclusive Full Service Contract with probe coverage or perhaps an Annual Preventive Maintenance Contract with service as needed. Regardless of your choice, our response time and level of professionalism will remain the same. You can depend on DESCO!

A sampling of ultrasound equipment manufacturers we service:


•  Acuson

•  Agilent

•  ATL

•  B & K

•  Diasonics

•  General Electric

•  Hewlett Packard

•  Parks

•  Philips

•  Siemens

•  Toshiba




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Contact Details:
Corporate Headquarters
200 Venture Way
Hadley, MA 01035
Telephone: 800-845-0606
Southeast Regional Office
2240 SW 70th Avenue
Unit H1
Davie, FL 33317
Telephone: 877-845-5911