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How Coaching Helps

DESCO offers executive coaching as a part of our Project Management & Clinical Engineering staffing services.
Andrea L. Bordenca is a certified Strozzi Somatic and Newfield Coach who is practiced in helping others identify how their interpretation of the world and specific events impact their actions and their relationships with others.
Coaching produces business results and taps into the intellectual capital that exists within your high potential employees.
Coaching creates awareness of behaviors by focusing on how the coachee shows up via body language, the emotions that surface and the narrative in the story they convey. Specific behaviors are identified to create a clear path to achieve performance goals.
Coaching allows the coachee to understand his and her role in relationship dynamics. This breaks down barriers and allows for a bigger impact in navigating conversations.
An article in Forbes notes the financial impact on an organization “coaching also has an impact on an organization’s financial performance; according to an ICF and HCI study, 60% of respondents from organizations with strong coaching cultures report their revenue to be above average, compared to their peer group.”
The same article explains the increased happiness felt by getting coaching “because coaches help you identify and align your values, create a focus, cut through clutter, and clear tolerations, they help you increase your professional fulfillment.”
"A part of my coaching is connecting mind with body since most transformation happens by embodying new practices. My coaching background impacts personal and professional development. My philosophy is we are who we are wherever we show up." - Andrea L. Bordenca
Andrea works with entry-level to executive-level employees. If you have a team member or a team you are looking to invest in to produce bigger or more clear results, email contact@descomed.com with the subject:  “Coaching Inquiry”.

What People Have Said:

“My thoughts and actions have noticeably shifted to a new perspective that is not only developing my leadership skills, shaping my core values, improving my self-awareness, and growing my confidence, but also better serving the people around me.  This coaching experience is positively impacting my body, mind, and emotions.  Andrea's guidance is setting me up for sustainable leadership and personal development.”

“Andrea carries an enthusiastic passion for coaching and in-depth leadership experience.  Andrea carefully listens and provides thoughtful, written feedback that I can easily draw upon in the future.  I would highly recommend her to any aspiring leader or any person who wants to create a better self.”
“I felt like I kept falling further and further into a hole and I didn't know how to stop it...You are aware of my vulnerability and are always kind, nonjudgmental, helpful and professional. Your questions force me to think about the ‘whys’ of what I do and delve deeper into issues that I need to deal with that I never thought needed attention.”
“Over the course of 2 months and 8 telephone conversations my personal transformation has been nothing short of extraordinary.  The results are directly attributable to keen observations, simple-to-apply exercises, and breadth of personal experience and perspective.”
“After recognizing habits of thought and tightly held personal narratives, I was able to affect change in myself that was previously inaccessible...I anticipate this personal growth to continue ad infinitum as it's impossible to 'unsee' a new way of being.  My work with Andrea has positively impacted every aspect of my personal and professional life."

“Your methods created a comfortable and safe environment which allowed me to make changes that will have a long term impact on both my professional and personal life.”
“From the initial assessment throughout all of our sessions, your thoughtful questions provided me with opportunities to recognize hang-ups that I didn’t even realize I had. These realizations allowed me to then make important shifts in perspective that were necessary for change”
“Your wealth of knowledge and continued research were obvious in your ability to pull from a variety of practices. You always seemed able to suggest exercises for me to work on outside of our sessions that perfectly fit my needs at the time. They were varied, useful, and usually quite fun!”
“Our series of sessions were structured in a way that at the end, I felt empowered to continue to implement these changes on my own (and I have!). ..your process led to the achievement of the goals we set.”
“Simple practices that you introduced and modeled have become part of my regular routine.”

How is this relevant to you?

Each of us has experiences that create a physical, an emotional & a linguistic reaction.

An example: If you were one of many siblings, you may have learned to pacify & “keep the calm” growing up or were attention seeking & participated in risky behavior.

As an adult, you may find that you've certain patterns that show up that don't serve you. Behaviors you adopted as a child worked well then & evolved for a reason, but are creating barriers now.

The coaching I practice helps identify what the barriers are & provides an understanding with new insight about why & when it served the purpose it served.

Through practices & applied learning, coaching serves to build embodiment via new neural pathways for the outcomes coachees have been looking to achieve. Sometimes a bit of coaching is all that's needed to get there. This can happen in anywhere from 6 sessions to several years of work.

Perhaps you are struggling with patience and stress.  There is always a choice. You can continue to have little patience & kick yourself for it, perpetuating guilt & shame, or you can get help & feel good about your behavior.

Andrea works with entry-level to executive-level employees. If you have a team member or a team you are looking to invest in to produce bigger or more clear results, email contact@descomed.com with the subject:  “Coaching Inquiry”.

Where I've Had Success:

  1. Job/career navigation
  2. Personal relationship improvement (I've coached parents & husband/wife teams)
  3. Not feeling fully “alive” & sensing something was missing.



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