Hospitals, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Clinics

DESCO exists to improve the delivery of healthcare technology/medical equipment  service.


We have the capabilities to either create or support individual departments or in-house clinical engineering programs.


Within our comprehensive in-house insourcing program, we work to create a culture of shared standards & expectations that are in alignment with your organization's leadership mission & vision. We have the expertise to assess & institute a model that aligns the skill sets within your clinical engineering team with the healthcare technology throughout your facilities.


We can also work directly with individual departments and provide field staffing.

Ambulatory Surgery Centers

DESCO has proudly added several Ambulatory Surgery Centers to our preferred customer list. DESCO listens to your particular needs to provide cost-effective service customized to your facility.
DESCO's customized approach for Ambulatory Surgery Centers recommends a Preventative Maintenance frequency determined by your specific equipment...


Customers who choose DESCO for their bed maintenance no longer experience the frustration caused by late preventive maintenance inspections, failed Joint Commission surveys, overall disorganization of bed management and high costs with low returns on service.
DESCO's bed maintenance system translates into your beds being inspected on time with a controlled method.

Clinical Engineering

DESCO offers a flexible part or full-time outsourced solution. Customers who partner with DESCO are looking to consolidate all modalities into a streamlined model.
This service is for hospitals, surgery centers and radiology centers who prefer to outsource equipment service-related management and services entirely.
DESCO provides the services to manage and administer your in-house & outsourced medical equipment contracts.

Ice Machines

DESCO offers ice machine maintenance service in restaurants & hotels. DESCO has been servicing the healthcare industry since 1970. The high standards mandated in healthcare settings is applied to all customer settings serviced.
Whether you manage a healthcare facility, restaurant, hotel or other commercial property, DESCO can help.
DESCO keeps your ice machines running at optimal efficiency so ice is fresh & clean.


DESCO customers have reduced administrative billing & coordination time; have increased up-time; have improved revenue generation and have decreased out-of-pocket expenses.

Leasing & Rentals

DESCO's partnership with Med One Capital allows us to offer medical equipment and leasing options for hospitals and large healthcare systems.
 We can provide options based on your preferences and deliver the best brands.

Sterilizers & Autoclaves

Our expertise includes generators, washers and boilers,  OR Tables and OR Lights made by a wide range of manufacturers. DESCO has gained the reputation for exceeding our clients’ service expectations for the thorough Preventive Maintenance inspections that lead to increased up-time.
With DESCO as your sterilizer and autoclave service provider, you can be confident that your valves are changed, your temperature and gauge readings are accurate, and your equipment is sterile and safe.
Contact Details:
Corporate Headquarters
124 Main Street
Norfolk, MA  02056
Telephone: 800-845-0606
Southeast Regional Office
2240 SW 70th Avenue
Unit H1
Davie, FL 33317
Telephone: 877-845-5911