Meet the DESCO Team


Andrea L. Bordenca CEO, Chairperson, Leadership Consultant  & Coach

Andrea has been the head coach at DESCO since 2006, & “Meet the Team” editor-in-chief as of April 2017. Andrea has found that a successful coach is committed to the strategy of the game & is willing to play alongside each team member. She's not sure what makes a successful editor & is curious to hear your feedback.
Andrea is a leadership coach by training. And just like a sports coach, Andrea is driven by seeing the transformational shifts that occur when people realize their full potential.  This creates bigger games with winning strategies.
Reading, writing, juggling, practicing aikido, participating in triathlons & obstacle course races with her husband and 3 kids is how Andrea trains for her work day.
Wishing to bring transformational value to a younger generation, Andrea is in the process of creating a non-profit to help kids find their leadership voice & create their winning game: Lead Yourself Youth, Inc
Andrea is a contributing expert on The Athletic College Prep Formula Telesummit, a complimentary online training camp for parents who are helping student-athletes prepare for college beginning April 24, 2017.
Register or find out more here: CollegePrep
Because Andrea loves being around people, she and Gina Fasser, an Integrative Nutritionist, have created a women's collaborative learning space for their local western MA community. More on that here: Belchertown Women’s Collaborative
All of the organizations that Andrea is involved with can be found in one place at

Jeanette Earner VP, Accounts

Jeanette joined the DESCO team in the fall of 2009.  She began part time with the offer to become full time shortly thereafter. Jeanette love the fast pace and commitment to customer service that DESCO provides to our clients and knew right away that she wanted to be a part of the team.
Previous to joining DESCO she spent 35 years working in the medical laboratory field while holding various positions both inside and outside the lab in sales and account management. She feels lucky to have met so many great people and many lasting friendships along the way!
When not working she is devoted to her large family and many close friends and looks forward to having fun while traveling, going to concerts, shopping, boating, going to the beach or just hanging out.
Jeanette reports directly to and works closely alongside Andrea Bordenca in ensuring that the DESCO’s vision for being the model of customer service globally, across all industries is carried out.  Jeanette collaborates with all departments within DESCO on behalf of our partners. Fulfilling on customer delivery promises is important to Jeanette.

Ignacio Ortega-Alvarez Director of Operations, Southeast Region

Ignacio is a Biomedical Engineer with a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering earned in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Ignacio was first drafted to DESCO’s team in 2003 as a Field Service Technician. He has played many valuable roles at DESCO and has an insight into our operations and value from all his years here.


Ignacio has worked as a Site Manager, Regional Manager, COO and now as Director of Operations of the Southeast Region. He maintains a current Florida Professional Engineering License and an MBA. He is a Clinical Certified Engineer and a Certified Biomedical Equipment Technician.


Over the years with DESCO, Ignacio has developed a great relationship with DESCO partners, who regularly call him for help due to his expertise in medical equipment standards and in other engineering fields. Every partner Ignacio’s team services knows that Ignacio is always available to offer advice.  People often call him directly with a wide variety of requests, knowing that he will always get back to help.


Ignacio loves his Florida and Alabama teammates and feels lucky to be leading them.


Ignacio is the proud father of Cristina, a very successful “Water” Engineer born in Saint Petersburg, Russia and Ignacito a freshman at MIT, born in Argentina. His wife Lilliam, who works for Baptist Health System in Miami, is also a Biomedical Engineer born in Cuba and graduated in Russia. Ignacio loves the sea and everything related to it. He enjoys boating, swimming, fishing, diving and spearfishing. He likes to grow fruit plants, maintains a beautiful garden and enjoys playing tennis, some of the many reasons he so much enjoys living and working in the sunny state of Florida.

Joanne Lowe Director of Operations, Northeast Region

Joanne is one of our newest team members. Joanne worked with Paul Miller at Modern Medical and   brings years of customer service expertise and process implementation to DESCO.  Joanne reports directly to Andrea to ensure that DESCO’s core attributes of urgency, excellence in service and customer-value are a part of our processes.
Joanne also resides on Long Island where she loves spending her time with her Husband, her 4-legged children, Family and Friends.

Paul Miller Managing Director, Business Development

Paul has built a distinguished and successful business development career in several different and diverse disciplines. With innovative thinking and a strategic approach, he has developed new business and penetrated new markets, both locally and nationally,  by connecting and operating with senior management and C–level executives.
His hybrid skill set, both in sales development and service operation management, enables him to not only sell, but also to build the bridge that allows a concept to become a sale, as well as grow relationships through consistent performance that result in long term customer retention.
Paul and his wife, Jean, reside on Long Island and are proud parents of a daughter, a working actress, and son, a high school math teacher and competitive scratch golfer. Paul loves boating, golfing and especially BBQing on his Big Green Egg.

Brian Fernandez Northeast PM Manager and National Lighting & Controls Coordinator

Brian joined the DESCO team in 2009 as Service Coordinator and Service Director in New England.  Customer service has been his focus and passion since he first started working at age 10 in his uncle’s supermarkets.  As DESCO’s Northeast PM Manager, he prides himself on making sure each partner’s site is up-to-date and in good working order while keeping an open dialogue with all involved.
When he is not working for DESCO, you will find him out on the pitch coaching his 2 young sons soccer teams or watching the Premier League or La Liga with them both at home!
If you are in the northeast region, you will see Brian in your facility ensuring all of your assets are up-to-date on your floor and in our database.

Customer Service & Logistics

Janeth Hilberth National Manager of Education & Compliance

Janeth Hilberth was born and raised in Colombia. Prior to coming to the United States, she did an MBA in HR and worked as an HR Manager in two different companies in Colombia. She joined DESCO in 2009 as a dispatcher and subsequently she became a Preventive Maintenance Coordinator. While in that role, she did her Master’s in HR in the Nova Southeastern University and helped to develop a training program for DESCO. She had the opportunity to deepen her learning and HR training in Park One as an HR Manager, but 2 years later she returned to DESCO as a National Manager of Education & Compliance, overseeing education, training and compliance.  She lives in Florida along with her 7-year old Daugther, her husband and a Beagle named Lana. Her hobbies include bikerides on the beach, swiming with her daughter and any other outdoor activities in the sunny south Florida.

Anett Lopez Service Coordinator, Southeast Region

Before Anett was drafted to the DESCO team, she worked in her family’s French bakery business as a customer service specialist.  Anett came to this country as a Cuban immigrant 10 years ago and recently became a US citizen.
Anett joined DESCO four years ago and loves giving support and motivation to her team and partners. Andrea has been known to refer to Anett as a “ray of sunshine” as her smile is evident when she answers the phone.
In Anett’s spare time, she enjoys dancing and spending time with her five year old daughter Evangeline.
Anett is on the customer support team that answers phone calls and email requests. She helps coordinates service calls, offers support to our partners and supports our DESCO team members

Jordan Tedoldi Lead Service Coordinator, New England

Jordan happily joined the DESCO family in the spring of 2018. With 6 years of experience in dispatching and planning for UMass Transit Services, and several years in retail customer service, she felt right at home settling into her position at DESCO. She enjoys the satisfaction of creating a genuine connection with the customer and providing them with the services and help that they need. Jordan believes strongly in the mission statement of DESCO and works to uphold their core values as a company.
Jordan graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2013 with her A.S. in Equine Management and her B.S. in Sustainable Food and Farming. When she's not behind the desk, Jordan spends her time with her fiancé Aaron and their dog Myka hiking and gardening at their home in western Massachusetts. She is also a member of the New England Dressage Association and finds great joy in riding and training in the art of dressage.

Karen Gowans Service Coordinator, Northeast Region

Karen joined the DESCO team in July 2013 with over thirty years in various office and administrative roles.  She started her career with a law firm in northern New Jersey and then migrated to the insurance and medical fields.  Karen and her husband, Don, have been together for over 20 years and are the proud parents of two daughters who are in their mid to late teens and active in competitive cheer.  They are also the proud parents of a fur-baby black lab.  Karen is an avid reader and enjoys spending her downtime with her family and a good book.
Karen is on the customer support team that answers phone calls and email requests. She helps coordinates service calls, offers support to our partners and supports our DESCO team members.

Erik Zola Service Support Team

Erik joined the DESCO team in 2015. With many years in logistics and shipping, he was able to fit right into the dispatch position. Having a solid knowledge of the New England area allows proper placement and scheduling of service calls with the most efficiency for our partners.
When not working at DESCO he lives in Rhode Island with his family and enjoys spending time outdoors at the beaches, on the water or adventuring around New England.
Erik is the primary contact in New England. Erik is a key player on the customer support team that answers phone calls and email requests. He coordinates service calls, offers support to our partners and supports our DESCO team members.

Amy McLean Customer Support Team

Amy joined the DESCO team in the summer of 2015. She is married with 2 children. In addition to supporting DESCO’s partners and teammates, Amy aspires to own and run a shelter for cats in need of a home.
Amy is on the customer support team that answers phone calls. She helps coordinates service calls, offers support to our partners and supports our DESCO team members.

Customer Support & Finance

Sandra Glatzle (Sandy) Chief Financial Officer

Sandy is responsible for all Finance and accounting functions at DESCO.
Sandy started her accounting career working in a local Health Club.  From there she continued to grow in her accounting experience within various industries.  It was in 2012 when she was hired by a competing biomedical equipment and asset management service company, that she found her “home” industry.  Sandy joined DESCO in September 2017.  Sandy is married with two children.   They have two dogs, a cat and a goldfish.  Life is extremely busy, but she loves every moment of it!

Cindy Gavrilles Senior Finance Manager

Cindy joined the DESCO Team eight years ago. Cindy has contributed her value in a few different roles at DESCO.  Cindy has been on the Finance team since 2013.
Cindy thrives in customer service. She has been in the service industry since selling shoes at the age 16.  She is most happy when building relationships with DESCO’s partners and when the numbers add up!
Cindy’s greatest accomplishment is being a mom to her soon-to-be-sophomore-in-college son.  She is passionate about spending time with her son, family and friends, baking, traveling, embroidering dish and hand towels and taking long walks with her 80 pound lap dog.  Her most favorite place to be is anywhere outside enjoying the ever changing views.
Cindy is on the customer support team that answers phone calls. She offers support to our partners and supports our DESCO leadership team.

Cecilia Batista Manager of Corporate Finance, Southeast Region

Cecilia has played a few key roles here at DESCO and is always open to learning and  development.  Cecilia’s philosophy is “to succeed in business, we must thrive in all directions, customers, employees, suppliers and outside relations. We cannot value and improve only part of it, but the whole organization”.
Cecilia grep up in Brazil. She came to the US 20 years ago and considers the US home. Over the past 20 years, Cecilia has had many challenges, which helped shaped who she is.
Before coming to DESCO, she worked with H&R Block as a tax preparer and had her own business for 12 years, as a business owner,  Cecilia learned to value the dynamic of business.
She accomplished a great dream when she got a degree of Bachelor of Science in Business in 2016.  She is passionate in her role and is confident that will continue to grow and achieving new paths in her career.
Cecilia loves to exercise, dance and walk on the beach.  Her greatest value is her family.
Cecilia is on the customer support team that answers phone calls and email requests. She helps coordinates service calls, offers support to our partners and supports our DESCO team members.


Eileen Cecca Retired President and Minority Owner

Combining her career as a Family Nurse Practitioner at MIT Medical Urgent Care, Eileen partnered her nursing and triage skills with the coordination and triage needed for medical equipment service delivery.
In her tenure at DESCO, Eileen worked closely with the DESCO field service engineers, customers and office staff. She often commented that her greatest satisfaction was working with colleagues who shared her passion.
Eileen retired earlier December 2015.  She has 6 grandchildren, and is planning to spend as much time as possible with them, travel, and stay retired!

Carolyn Feczko Consultant, Business Development

Carolyn joined DESCO in 2006 and has helped grow inside sales, customer service and project manager positions.  Carolyn was one of Andrea’s first hires as DESCO’s Leader.  Before DESCO,  Carolyn began her career in Facilities of the FDIC seeing to the needs of its equipment, then moved to Senior Aerospace Metal Bellows, which manufactures edge welded metal bellows for high pressure applications.
At DESCO, Carolyn has been an invaluable part of who DESCO is today.  She had a knack of filling in gaps to improve upon them.  Carolyn has retired as of 2017, but is still called upon to help. Carolyn excelled at customer service and could balance production and customer scheduling beautifully.
Carolyn enjoys learning how things work and figuring out how to fix things.  She gets into more trouble by watching DIY YouTube videos.  DESCO and its variety of services fits her to a tee.  She likes to work on her garden, make improvements to her home and golf swing, and for total downtime, she heads to the beach.



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